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Re: Turn Signals

To: "David Tulchinsky" <>,
Subject: Re: Turn Signals
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 20:15:33 +0100
Hazard flashes are designed to keep going no matter how many lights are out
i.e. due to a shunt, they work to a different design and are not (well, much
less, anyway) voltage and current sensitive.  You don't want a hazard
flasher unit where a turn flasher unit should be.

or if that doesn't work try

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From: David Tulchinsky <>
To: MG List <>
Date: 04 August 1999 16:23
Subject: Re: Turn Signals

>>Ray Wygonik <>
>>My lights came on but would not flash.  After checking and cleaning all
>>connections I changed the flasher unit and lights started to flash.  I had
>>an extra one in my spare parts box, but probably any 12v universal flasher
>>will do.  I sure if that is not true someone with more electrical
>>than me will correct.
>I've got the same problem w/ my 77B.  So last night I decided to go out
>and clean of the terminals.
>Here are my observations.
>Initially, the hazards worked and the turn signals did not flash.
>Took all 4 bulbs out sand papered the contacts to clean (the grounds looked
>bad).  Then I tried, rather unsucsessfully to clean out the bulb sockets.
>the bulbs back in.  Still nothing.  No flashing.
>Then I thought, I'd put the hazard flasher into the signal flasher circuit.
>Now the flashers work, but flash too quickly.  Switched back in a spare old
>unit, and the signal flashers work, a bit too slowly.
>OK, here is my theory -- Hazard unit (flashes too quickly) is drawing too
>current.  If I got another one and put in a variable resistor in parallel
>(to tune the
>fash speed by bypassing current around the the unit) I suspect this would
>Definitly not original and possibly dangerous (but not if wire safely.
>The 1st flasher unit and second flasher unit probably have different
>(Don't know why, same Lucas part).
>However, sounds like I still have some bad contacts out there.  Any body
>have any
>ideas how to clean out the light sockets and are there connectors (there
>must be,
>but I could not find them/did not know where to look for them) that also
>need to be cleaned.
>It looked to me that the lights were directly wired to the wiring harness
>(which seems
>Any help here is greatly appreciated.

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