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Re: Turn Signals

To: "Ray Wygonik" <>,
Subject: Re: Turn Signals
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 20:12:59 +0100
Be careful with universal flashers, some will flash irrespective of how many
lights are working.  You don't want to discover that one of your rears is
out by getting trampled by an artic.

If you really want to cheat get the type that flashes *faster* of one of the
bulbs fails, that way at least you know as soon as it fails.

Better still fix the real problem.

or if that doesn't work try

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From: Ray Wygonik <>
To: Paul Hunt <>; John A. Walker <>; <>
Date: 03 August 1999 20:30
Subject: Re: Turn Signals

>My lights came on but would not flash.  After checking and cleaning all
>connections I changed the flasher unit and lights started to flash.  I had
>an extra one in my spare parts box, but probably any 12v universal flasher
>will do.  I sure if that is not true someone with more electrical knowledge
>than me will correct.
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>From: Paul Hunt <>
>To: John A. Walker <>;
>Date: Tuesday, August 03, 1999 2:50 PM
>Subject: Re: Turn Signals
>|If all the lights are coming on but not flashing then what you have is
>|insufficient current draw in the circuit as a whole.  This could well be
>|to one or more bad connections, including bad grounds, but could also be
>|to incorrectly rated lamps, or tired lamps.  It is quite likely to be a
>|combination of things.
>|You could start by checking the grounds by connecting a voltmeter between
>|the casing of each lamp to a known good ground in turn while the lamps are
>|illuminated.  Ideally you should not see any voltage but are bound to see
>|some.  Comparing the good side to the bad may be helpful.
>|Then try the same thing again but with the voltemeter connected from the
>|terminal (or as close as you can get it) to a known good 12v.
>|Don't be tempted to stop at the first bad connection, which when cleaned,
>|starts them flashing.  Check them all.
>|or if that doesn't work try
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>|From: John A. Walker <>
>|To: <>
>|Date: 03 August 1999 18:08
>|Subject: Turn Signals
>|>Okay, Here is one.
>|>Turn signals,
>|>Right side works fine.
>|>Left side lights come on but do not flash.
>|>What would cause this?
>|>Do I have a bad ground somewhere?  If so, I am not sure where. :(
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