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Subject: RE: SU Question
From: Michael Graziano <>
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 16:35:36 -0400
Speaking of Marvel Mystery Oil...  I just found out that the main office for
MMO is just down the block from me.  Maybe it's the plant as well...  I only
saw the outside.  

As for the the dampers,  I use Dextron III or 20W50 Engine oil in them.



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Brent Beermann wrote:

> I've got to fill the float reservoirs in my SU's but I don't remember what
> exact fluid must be used.  I don't have my maintenance books with me here
> work and I'd like to get them filled before I attempt to drive it home.
> Thanks,
> Brent Beermann
> 1972 MGB Roadster

The dampers can be filled with engine oil, Marvel Mystery oil, SU damper
All have been used successfully. The engine oil is specified in the manual,

74 B


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