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Clutch version 2.01

Subject: Clutch version 2.01
From: Carl French <>
Date: Fri, 06 Aug 1999 20:55:28 -0400
Ok, what am I doing wrong. I have replaced the flex line and the pipe
from the MC to the flex line. I put in the rebuild kit on the slave
cylinder because it seemed so easy. After hooking it back together and
refilling the MC I had NO pedal pressure at all. I opened up the bleed
screw and nothing comes out no matter what way I pump or hold the pedal.
I removed and cleaned out the MC at the suggestion of the person at my
local LBC establishment. I had the rebuild kit for it but when taken out
it turns out some DPO had replaced the MC with the newer style so I just
cleaned as well as possible. Having done all that I still have no pedal
pressure. Ideas? I have been looking forward to tomorrows hometown show
in the am and I really do not want to miss it.
67 Mk1 B

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