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Re: Clutch version 2.01

To: Dan Ray <>
Subject: Re: Clutch version 2.01
From: Carl French <>
Date: Sat, 07 Aug 1999 19:33:38 -0400
Dan Rayto
> disengage the clutch, it gets better after I drive it a bit. Don't ask me
> why! You might just want to keep bleeding the darn thing a few times both
> with the pedal method AND suction method (I use a shop-vac now), let it sit
> overnight and then try it again.

I used several methods over a 24 hours. I think the most effective was
hooking up a length of a nasal cannula tubing to the bleed screw and
connect a 60cc syringe to it via a macrobore extension and then
constantly apply vac while my son kept filling the resevoir we must have
run through two gallons of LMA and then voila. Where does the hydraulic
system hide the 18 cubic feet of air we bled out of it. Has any one
tried that method? probably not. It did work fine though and I still
made it to the show, although too late for the voting.

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