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Re: Missing another part, how bad do I need it?

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Subject: Re: Missing another part, how bad do I need it?
From: "Andrew B. Lundgren" <>
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 1999 16:14:25 -0600 (MDT)
Closer inspection of the dates in the VB catalog indicates that Fisher
is correct. It seems that the Stay Rods were not used on 68-74.  I
guess I am not missing anything, and I don't think I will modify my
cross member to support one.  (I've got enough other parts to replace
without ones that weren't missing...)   I inspected my engine mounts as
Larry indicated and I will be replacing those.  While they are not
melted away yet, one of them is pretty rotten.  Looks like only one was
replaced last time someone was in that deep.

I am about ready to tear it apart to do my clutch.  So I am trying to
get together a parts list before I forget something.

Thanks for the help everyone!

On Mon, 09 Aug 1999 16:32:11 -0500, Albert F Jones wrote:

>Hello Andrew,
>       According to the parts books that I have the  '68-'73 did not use the
>retaining strut, thus, the cross member did not have the little box for
>mounting it.  It was only on the '74 onwards.  The cross member is BHH
>1543, the bracket on the forward end is BHH 1542, and the retaining strut
>is BHH 1540.  All three of these have been nla for years.  If you are
>really interested I have the used parts, but I agree with Larry that you
>should use new mounts.  Of course, you could always make the bracket out of
>angle iron.
>Fisher Jones
>Comfort, TX
>At 10:31 PM 8/8/99 -0600, you wrote:
>>As I get to know my B better I continue to discover that it indeed has
>>a sorted past.
>>Part of the rear engine mount seems to be missing.  For those of you
>>with a VB MG.37 catalog it is on page 93.  It is depicted without a
>>part number (bad sign) for my year ('70).  Number 7 seems to be the
>>same thing for the earlier models.  I also don't have parts
>>31,32,29,28,30, or the part of the crossmember (if that is what it is)
>>that 28 mounts into, or the part that the stay rod would mount to under
>>then engine.
>>My main support looks more like the one depicted in the top right
>>corner in that I have no part of this support other than a small hole
>>in the crossmember.
>>Is this a part that everyone gets rid of or was my DPO just a DPO?  How
>>much should I worry about getting one of these supports installed? 
>>(Looks like a junk yard search for just the right car....)
>>Andrew Lundgren

Andrew Lundgren

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