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electrical problem

Subject: electrical problem
From: Carl French <>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 12:55:33 -0400
Ok, here is the new thing that made me limp home. Pos ground mk1,
starting up at an errand stop. Died gradually as it left the lot. fuel
guage read empty. Added fuel , no go. Realized no fuel pump noise, ok,
ra the pump a few times no luck (forgot to check the plate ground).
Figured the pump was dead (cheap aftermarket no problem, nice time to
replace) filled the float chambers and limped to home. Died down the
road (goes through fuel more than I thought) added more then realized I
had no OD,tach,turn signals, fuel pump. All fuses looked good but
changed anyways, no luck. Limped home by pulling over every half mile
and refilling the floats. I am going out to check the electrical
contacts battery forward but any ideas? The engine turns over great, no
pump etc.
Carl F
enjoying the hunt

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