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Re: electrical problem

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Subject: Re: electrical problem
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 19:42:29 +0100
*If* your lack of instruments, turn signals and fuel pump are connected, so
to speak, then you should look for a bad connector in the white circuit.
You may find that three whites come off the ignition switch - one for the
coil (via the tach), one for the ignition warning light, and one for
everything else.  This last splits off at a four-way to feed the fuse box
(and hence the green circuit, instruments and turn signals) and the fuel
pump.  As I think the wires are soldered to the ignition switch, I would
check the four-way.

On the other hand, they could be completely independant i.e. you have two
(or more!) co-incidental faults.

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From: Carl French <>
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Date: 12 August 1999 17:56
Subject: electrical problem

>Ok, here is the new thing that made me limp home. Pos ground mk1,
>starting up at an errand stop. Died gradually as it left the lot. fuel
>guage read empty. Added fuel , no go. Realized no fuel pump noise, ok,
>ra the pump a few times no luck (forgot to check the plate ground).
>Figured the pump was dead (cheap aftermarket no problem, nice time to
>replace) filled the float chambers and limped to home. Died down the
>road (goes through fuel more than I thought) added more then realized I
>had no OD,tach,turn signals, fuel pump. All fuses looked good but
>changed anyways, no luck. Limped home by pulling over every half mile
>and refilling the floats. I am going out to check the electrical
>contacts battery forward but any ideas? The engine turns over great, no
>pump etc.
>Carl F
>enjoying the hunt

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