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Re: electrical problem

To: Paul Hunt <>
Subject: Re: electrical problem
From: Carl French <>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 22:19:10 -0400
Paul Hunt wrote:
> *If* your lack of instruments, turn signals and fuel pump are connected, so
> to speak, then you should look for a bad connector in the white circuit.
> You may find that three whites come off the ignition switch - one for the
> coil (via the tach), one for the ignition warning light, and one for
> everything else.  This last splits off at a four-way to feed the fuse box
> (and hence the green circuit, instruments and turn signals) and the fuel
> pump.  As I think the wires are soldered to the ignition switch, I would
> check the four-way.
> On the other hand, they could be completely independant i.e. you have two
> (or more!) co-incidental faults.

I found that by isolating the flasher I could eliminate the problem.
aha! problem solved. All I had to do was disconnect the flasher and
drive to nearest auto parts place for new flasher unit. Got in to car,
put gear into reverse...dead went the tach again. I guess the backup
lights are part of the circuit. I unplugged those next but coul;d not
get the tach etc back. I started looking at the pump connections but
only had the time to give a quick look at the domestic aftermarket unit
and to spray it with brakleen before loosing the light and gaining the
red ants on my legs. I will try again in the am. I get four days off
each week and last week I spent all four replacing the clutch
hydraulics. Today is my first day off and it is not strting good. I have
the club Lobster bake on Sunday and do not want to go there with the
Sable. I also do not want to give up and tow it to my mechanics
Carl F

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