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good/bad news

Subject: good/bad news
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 07:00:39 -0500
OK, first the good news for me:  After a late application, I've been
accepted to law school and start  -- Monday.

Bad news for you is that there will soon be 'nother lawyer <grin>.

Bad news for me is that private tuition is expensive.....

Good news for you is that one of the toys has gotta go.

Thus, Miss Maggie, the 74.5 RB MGB is up for sale.  Rough body shape,
decent soft top, ugly interior.  Wire wheels.  Detoxed.  Hardtop, too. 
OD.  Comes with extra doors, extra wings, extra head, and a series of
odds and ends new parts (carb kits, brake hoses, mounts, etc).  Runs.

First, what's a reasonable price?

Next, if anyone wants to buy it, contact me off list, please.  I'm
located in Council Bluffs, Iowa (just across the river from Omaha,



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