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Inlet manifold flange

To: "MG Mailing List" <>
Subject: Inlet manifold flange
From: "Andrew Errington" <>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 11:01:05 -0700
Hi listers,

I have a "new" inlet manifold to replace my existing one, but when I went to
fit it I discovered that the mounting flanges which are supposed to be
clamped by the big washers on the manifold studs had been ground down so
they were not as thick as the exhaust manifold flanges.  This meant that the
washers would not hold them so I could not fit the new inlet manifold.

I measured the flanges on the original parts to be about 14mm, and on the
new manifold to be 12mm.  I have the facilities to machine 2mm thick pieces
to make up the difference but I should really appreciate it if someone on
the list could accurately measure the thickness of the exhaust manifold
flanges so I can double check and compare them to my measurements.  It is
difficult for me to accurately measure this on the car without dismantling
everything, and I am sure someone on the list has an example of these parts
strewn about their workshop that they could measure.

Please reply directly to me ( and I will summarise for the

Many thanks,

'69 MGB (with new carbs itching to be installed if it weren't for a bunch of
little things getting in the way)

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