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RE: engine dismanteling help

To: David Tulchinsky <>
Subject: RE: engine dismanteling help
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 10:18:07 -0700

> 1.  After removing the head, and pushrods, I can't get all of 
> the tappets out.
> 1,4,5,&7 (from front to back) came out, but 2,3,6, & 8 are stuck. (I
> believe they
> are mainly the exhaust valve tappets.)  They come up about a 
> inch, but then
> get stuck and won't come out.  Will I have to wait till the 
> engine is out
> and the
> oil pan is off to drive them out the bottom, or it there another way??

        The tappets can wear the bores slightly and become stubborn to
remove, it's either that or coke buildup above the working surface  I would
leave them in place till you get the engine out.  No sense in working harder
than necessary.  I have found that with the side covers off, I can stick my
finger into the lifter and rely on the suction to let me wiggle the tappet
around till it slides out.  Careful, as there are some sharp edges on the
block.  I have run into a couple of tappets that just would not come out,
these had to drop out the bottom after the cam come out.  I made up a tool
from an old tappet stuck on the end of a piece of wood, so that I could lap
the top of the bores slightly so that the tappets could be removed from the
top in the future for inspection.

> 2.  I tried to get the distributor drive spindel out.   The 
> housing the
> distributor
> slides into, Moss Part 460-640, #50 on pg 9 of recent 
> catalog.  It has one
> screw, which is removed, but the the object itself is quite 
> difficult to move.

        The sleeve is not dogged and can be made to rotate by careful
tapping on the ear with a deadblow (plastic, leadshot filled) hammer.  Once
it starts to move, the lubricant will have a chance to work.

        Once it is out, thread a bolt into the top of the distributor drive
gear assy, and rotate it out.  I forget what size bolt, but I think you can
use the oil filter adapter bolt.

> Assuming I can get the above out, I think there should be 
> nothing else to
> remove to get the cam out.  I'm assuming it should just slide out
> at this point (time gears are removed), but its getting stuck 
> on the above.

        Oil pump gear is still engaged.  I always forget if you can rotate
the cam out whilst still meshed with the oil pump gear.  Anyone?????

> One other thought, is it dangerous to lift the engine out by 
> the head bolts??

        With the head removed the studs do not have enough support and will
bend.  If you plan to replace them, ok.  The block threads are strong
enough, and the block will not warp.

        Have fun.


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