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Re: engine dismanteling help

Subject: Re: engine dismanteling help
From: "David Macedonia" <>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 18:19:36 PDT

Are the tappets really stuck? How long has the engine been unused? In any 
case, to get mine out I coated them liberally with oil and used the suction 
from the pushrods to pull them out. It required a bit of patience, but it 

As for the engine removal, I used the generator mounting bracket at a bolt 
screwed into one of the threaded holes for the exhaust manifold. With a 
rented hydraulic hoist, I did it by myself.


>From: David Tulchinsky <>
>Reply-To: David Tulchinsky <>
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>Subject: engine dismanteling help
>Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 08:21:33 -0400
>Hi all,
>I'm currently in the process of dismanteling my engine (77B, 18V engine)
>for a complete rebuilt.  The engine is not yet out of the car (but will be
>as soon
>as I rent a hoist), however it is well on it's way to be in a hundred
>organized pieces.
>However, I'm having a couple of problems.
>1.  After removing the head, and pushrods, I can't get all of the tappets 
>1,4,5,&7 (from front to back) came out, but 2,3,6, & 8 are stuck. (I
>believe they
>are mainly the exhaust valve tappets.)  They come up about a inch, but then
>get stuck and won't come out.  Will I have to wait till the engine is out
>and the
>oil pan is off to drive them out the bottom, or it there another way??
>2.  I tried to get the distributor drive spindel out.   The housing the
>slides into, Moss Part 460-640, #50 on pg 9 of recent catalog.  It has one
>screw, which is removed, but the the object itself is quite difficult to 
>A little WD-40 and PB -blaster later its still stuck.
>How much persuation (read: big hammer) should I need to use on this
>part.  I suspect it should just slide out, but so far no luck.
>Do I need a puller???   Any tricks??
>Assuming I can get the above out, I think there should be nothing else to
>remove to get the cam out.  I'm assuming it should just slide out
>at this point (time gears are removed), but its getting stuck on the above.
>One other thought, is it dangerous to lift the engine out by the head 
>That is, can I hook the hoist up to bolts connected to the block vias the
>head bolts threads??  Will the threads rip out or will I warp the block??
>I suspect not, but I figured I'd check.
>Thanks for all of your help.

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