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Re: rain drops keep falling on my head

Subject: Re: rain drops keep falling on my head
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 10:45:18 EDT
In a message dated 8/18/99 7:04:10 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< I have recently installed a new vinyl top on my B, and it has a nasty habit
 of leaking from the seam just above the zip out rear window. I was wondering
 if anyone has a fix for such a nasty problem? To be precise the seam would
 be the one that the rear tension bar sits closest to when engaged. >>

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You might try some seam sealer that is used on tents for camping.  A good 
camping outfitter will have it for a few bucks.  It is designed specifically 
for that application.  It is a clear liquid in a tube.  The other 
alternatives are to complain to the manufacturer or supplier of the new hood 
to try to get a replacement, or take it to a conv. top installer and have 
them fix it.

Good luck.  

Allen Hefner
'77 Midget
'92 Mitsubishi Expo LRV Sport

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