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76 B For Sale

Subject: 76 B For Sale
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 21:44:44 EDT
I have a friend in the Philly area that has a 76B for sale. It's her car 
and now she wants a CBB. This guy worked in England on MG's for 30 years 
and I can tell you it is in great condition. :

>Thanx for the info. Yes please go ahead and list the car i have for sale.
>Its 1976 MGB roadster. All new castle rails, New inner and outer sills,New 
paint in glace; 
>white. Bead blasted and stove enameled wire wheels whith knock offs.
>Fitted freshly rebuit 1969 engine, thats the engine with the big valves. Has 
a webber 
>carb,New alternator,Every thing works perfectly. As you probably know this 
car was especialy
>prepared for my wife. But she has now decided she would prefer to have the 
chrome bumper one
>that is now under going restoration in my garage! Plus i am going to need to 
sell one to
>finance the other. 

His asking price is $5000. I beleive the car to be worth it. 

No interest  - except this is the guy that is going to help with the body 
work on the "Bent Midget".

Contact me 
Or  Reg @


Larry Macy
78 Midget

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Department of Psychiatry
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Philadelphia, PA 19104

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