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Slowing the Fuel Gauge Fluctuation on an LBC

Subject: Slowing the Fuel Gauge Fluctuation on an LBC
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 21:13:22 EDT
A very knowledgable lister suggested the following means for slowing down the 
fluctuation of the fuel gauge needle action on an LBC:

>>>>>The wire in the circuit that has the fluctuating voltage is the one 
from the gauge to the sender unit.  Supposedly if you were to install a
capacitor in parallel with this circuit it would absorbe some of the
pulsation of the current and damp the needle on the guage.  I think it
would call for a large electrolytic capacitor, probably 100 microfarad or
larger, with the larger capacitor doing more damping than a smaller one.
It could be mounted just on the back of the gauge, one wire connected to
the sender terminal and the other wire connected to the ground terminal.

Keep in mind that electrolytic capacitors are polarized.  If your
electrical system is positive earth, then ground the positive side of the
capacitor.  If it's Negative earth, then ground the negative side of the
capacitor.  If you get an electrolytic capacitor hooked up backwards it can
explode like a firecracker (usually blows one end out) and spray wax paper
and aluminum foil confettie all over the place, along with a moderate dose
of sulpheric acid (battery acid).  If you actually try this, let me know
how it comes out.<<<<

Has anyone tried anything like this?  Any comments?

Bill Wilkman
Riverside, CA

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