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Re: ignition timing

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Subject: Re: ignition timing
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 20:40:49 -0700
I have been operating on the assumption that I have a HC engine, I always 
use 92 octane, and I keep it at 14 degrees. [The reason for the 
disclaimer is that it's a BHM engine number ("Gold Seal" rebuilt) out of 
a wreck, and I can't find a configuration reference for the number 
series.] A while back I had a little pinging problem after my timing 
light broke, but I got a new one, retimed it, fixed various distributor 
advance failures, and since then no problems.

Larry Colen had this to say:

>What advance do people run on High Compression (9.7:1) MGB motors
>running the 92 octane fuel?  I think that I might be getting a little
>pinging in warm weather, up steep hills at 12 degrees BTDC set at idle.
>That's 2 degrees retarded from the specified 14.
>    Larry
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Max Heim
'66 MGB GHN3L76149
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it's the red one with the silver bootlid.

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