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Re: Stripping the A

To: "Baker, G." <>
Subject: Re: Stripping the A
From: David Ambrose <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 19:44:47 -0700

"Baker, G." wrote:
> Eric wrote:
> " I plan on removing the fenders and stripping
> all metal
> parts (except engine bay), repairing where necessary and
> repainting.  I
> will also be replacing the floor boards (CSR template and
> mahogany
> plywood obtained), floor board supports and the carpeting."
> My question is why mahogany. I always assumed a good marine grade
> plywood would be the best bet.
> Thanks,

        I agree. How many plys are in that mahogany plywood? I've seen some
with as littlw as 3. 5 or 7 ply would be much better.  Also, treating it
with penetrating epoxy will make it last a very long time, if you can
find the epoxy. It's hard to locate in inland areas.

        Dave Ambrose

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