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Re: urgent help

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Subject: Re: urgent help
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 16:40:36 -0700
I believe any MGB head will *fit*, but not all the components are 
interchangeable. Depending on what you are keeping and what you get with 
the new head, you need to be aware that not all the rocker shafts are the 
same, and neither are the valves. I'm not sure what else, if anything.

I find it hard to believe about the Datsun roadster head. People seem to 
assume that the Datsun is a copy of the MGB, but if it is, they must have 
had a hell of an industrial espionage presence in Abingdon, since the 
Datsun was actually on the market first. You can look it up.

But then, they could have copied the basic engine design from the earlier 
MGA 1500 version, I suppose. Though who knows why...? Anyway, Datsun 
roadster engines are considerably rarer than MGB engines, anyway, so it 
doesn't seem that would be a practical alternative.

Larry Colen had this to say:

>As far as I know, any MGB head will work.
>Has anyone had any experiece with Datsun roadster heads? I've heard
>that they bolt right on, and are crossflow at that.
>   Larry
>On Sat, Aug 28, 1999 at 11:14:40AM -0700, Cory Cope wrote:
>> does anyone have a head for a 1977 MGB?  a friend cracked his head and he 
>> needs a quick replacement.  if not does anyone know how to convert an early 
>> head to work.  any help is much apreciated.  thanks
>> cory
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Max Heim
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