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'75 Exhaust in a '77

To: MGS <>
Subject: '75 Exhaust in a '77
From: Rich Peterson <>
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 21:39:27 -0400
I recently bought a '75 exhaust system from VB to install in my '77 B.
My catalytic convert is a hollow shell and has been badly repaired by a
PO, so I figured I try the '75 system (yeah, yeah, I'm an eco-terrorist
- no flames).  The problem:  The new studs for the exhaust manifold,
which were supplied with the system, are too short (1.5 inches).  I
bought some 2 inch studs, so all is right with the world, but I'm
curious if the '75 manifold is differnet than later manifolds.  Another
possibility is that the "doughnut" which mounts between the manifold and
the header is different for the '75.  Of course VB could have screwed up
an supplied the wrong studs, but that would NEVER happen, now would it.
Any insights before I call VB with this issue?


Rich P.

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