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Re: Carb flooding

To: Dave Houser <>
Subject: Re: Carb flooding
From: Rocky Frisco <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 01:10:47 -0500
Dave Houser wrote:
> Getting closer to the problem now.
> Took float bowls apart to check measurements on float level. Noticed
> front carb had more gas in it than the back one. Made a mental note.
> Put things back together and took for ride to see if I was still losing
> power and stumbling at 3500.
> Couldn't find a suitable stretch of road to sustain that speed so pulled
> off road and held throttle to 3500.
> Didn't take long. Sure enough problem still there. Car stumbled and lost
> power. Shut down and released hood to check on which carb was the
> culprit. Only saw pool of gas under car between both overflow pipes!
> Started car and from engine compartment held throttle, revving engine.
> Again, short time later, gas pouring out of front overflow pipe, car
> losses power, then comes to life again.
> So, what do I look for? BTW, these have grose jets in float bowls, so
> don't tell me they are not floodable!

My guesses:

Needle valve failing to stop overflow.

Possible sources:

1) Bit of crap stuck in needle valve, keeping it from closing.

Solution: carefully remove float pivot pin, float and valve from valve
body. pump a tiny bit of gas through, replace.

2) Worn-out needle valve.

Replace with new needle-valve and seat assembly.

3) Punctured float, has gas inside it.

Replace float assembly.

4) Too high fuel-pressure, overpowering needle valve.

Purchase and install inline fuel-pressure regulator (abt $15) and set at
2 pounds or less.

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