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Rear suspension

Subject: Rear suspension
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 16:53:15 +0200
Since the rear end of my '70 B-GT was low, I have ordered and received new
springs, shackle plate rubber bushes, and koni dampers, and
nuts/bolts/washers. Also hoped that the wiggling of her tail would be
redused. I have managed to replace the rear shackle plate/bushes. Hacksaw,
force, blood sweat and tears. 30 year old rubber at the rear end, I think.
Experts say that rubber and metal, cannot form one united third unknown new
material ( sorry, poor language, my norwegian is better) This is not true. I
have also been able to loosen the bolts that hold the axle and spring

But I have two problems. Since I rent the garage from the local priest, I am
NOT able to use a very  helpfull tool: language. Loud swearing is not
possible, crying is, but since I am a man....
This leads to my problem. Front bolt. Nut removed, bolt not removed. I am
able to move the bolt some, but this is only the softnes of  the rubber. Any
good ideas?  All sorts of penetrating whatever is tried. I didn't think it
would work, but people who make them, has to make some money too. I don't
think it is possible to get the hacksaw between the chassie mount and the
spring.   Any good ideas ?? Visa/mastercard and a good reliable cheap and
quick mechanic ?? ( Yeah!!) Dynamite ?? Using the  old spring, new
rubber/damper setup. Eelectrical power tools ( that I do not have) 12 hrs
with a hacksaw should remova everything, but..

Jon Arikstad
1970 B GT

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