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Interesting Shopping Trip

Subject: Interesting Shopping Trip
From: Eric Erickson <>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 01:52:15 +0000
I have always thought that Adelaide (South Australia) was the Australian
MG capital as I seem to have another MG cross my path at traffic lights
or I even pull in behind one (mostly of the 'B variety) around town
every few days.  At very least I will see one passing in the distance.

But Saturday was about the most interesting day of close encounters that
I have ever had.  Just three, but fascinating just the same.

I had to pick up some items from a major hardware store/warehouse...
more in hope than anything I drive right up to the front entrance of the
store (a huge, full carpark waits to devour me) but just then a marine
blue CBB starts to reverse out of the closest park to the door.  We
wave... he pulls out and I park!  Fantastic.

Next, I tackle the shopping centre.... on the way I drop in behind a BRG
CBB until I reach the centre carpark, we wave, he drives off and and I
drive straight into another close-to-the-door spot.  This sort of
success takes the pain out of the shopping excercise, but even better...
as I am leaving I start to reverse out and a little red TR4 pulls up
behind me looking for a park.  We wave... I pull out and he pulls in...
we are both grinning!

Ahhh the cameraderie of it all!


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