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MG Club Support/MG Resources near Philly, PA

Subject: MG Club Support/MG Resources near Philly, PA
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 12:29:43 -0400
Fellow Listers:

       In about 3 weeks something unbelievablely good is going to wife and I will leave graduate school and move on with our
lives.  Yes, we're finishing up...thank god...and heading out to the real
world.  My wife and I will be relocating to Lower Bucks County PA
(Levittown), where my wife will commute to Titusville NJ for employment
(Janssen Pharmaceutica).  As for me, the disseration writing continues,
with hopes for a January defense and graduation.

       My question for the list:  Are there any fellow listers out there
from this area, and if so, what information can be provided about clubs??
Are there any good shops in the Philly/Bucks Co. areas for support??  Any
vendors nearby??  Any information would be most appreciated!!

       In addition, does anyone know of some garage space for rent??  We're
going to be living in an apartment for at least a couple of years, living
lean to save for a house. I'd like to find a place to store/work on the
BGT...there are several self-storage places around but all I've contacted
will not allow me to work on the car.  Any leads/advice would be great.

       Back to that ol' dissertation.....

        Thanks and Best Regards,

        Matt Milkevitch
        '74 BGT
        Dept. of Chemistry
        Virginia Tech
        Blacksburg, VA 24060

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