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Re: MG Club Support/MG Resources near Philly, PA

Subject: Re: MG Club Support/MG Resources near Philly, PA
From: "Kai M. Radicke" <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 17:10:32 -0400
Hello Matt:

I live right down the road... (not literally speaking, but I'm probably
within a few miles of you).

1.    Power British.  Plymouth Meeting, PA.  610.270.0505
2.    The Roadster Works.  Trevose, PA.  215.355.0833
3.    British Miles.  Morrisville, PA.  215.736.9300
4.    Ragtops & Roadsters.  Perkasie, PA.
5.    DSA Automotive.  Edgely (part of Levittown), PA.

Brian at Power British is the nicest guy you could deal with, and has very
good prices on used stuff (if he has it).  However, he is mainly Triumph
(and he himself owns four).  The Roadster Works has worked on my TR6 after I
crashed it, because I was going away on vacation and wanted it done when I
got back, good guys... service only, Mr. Smeder is a big MG Guy... has some
used stuff also.

British Miles is really the only area vendor for new parts (Moss
distributor - shh company secret!), I work for them (over four years now)...
the company's reputation however is not a reflection of my
ethics/skill/knowledge or that of one of the other employees; I have NO
control over how the business is administered.  Search the archives (at for experiences with British Miles.

Ragtops & Roadsters are primarily a restoration facility only; and DSA is
also restoration and service.  (the three previous firms also do restoration
and repair)

Up towards Doylestown you have CSR, MGA Specialists only.  In Philadelphia
there is British Auto, I don't have any info on him... but he also owns a
classic American car dealership near Doylestown.  In Newark, Delaware you
have British Racing Green.  NJ, Moss' East coast warehouse... and a few
small British only service shops.

My suggestion for new parts is to read this list and order from people such
as Lawrie @ British Sportscar Center, Ed @ Just Brits, and a few of the
other guys that GIVE BACK to the community by sharing their expertise and
knowledge on these lists (and with you for that matter).

Garage space?  You'll find that garages in Bristol / Levittown go for about
$90+ a month and are scarce.

BTW, say hi to my mother... I'm sure you'll find out who she is soon enough
;-)  The sapphire blue TR6 is mine... not hers, no matter what she says at
the stoplights.

Kai M. Radicke --
Not the only '74 Triumph TR6 left at home
Not the only rusty '66 MGB in Pennsylvania

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