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Sprite for Sale in Dayton OH

Subject: Sprite for Sale in Dayton OH
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 15:43:39 EDT
 I received this letter in response to the Bluegrass Club Web Site. Basically 
the gentleman has received a cancer diagnosis and needs to sell the car to a 
good home. If you are interested or can help please contact the owner direct 
at (David Morrin)

Jim Werner


    I have a problem that I hope you folks might be able to help me out with. 
 I have a 68 Sprite that I have been working on for the past several years.  
The Sprite is not the little problem that I mention, but my recent cancer 
diagnosis is.  As much as I wanted to complete the job, it looks as though 
the Sprite and I must part company, as it appears the only people that I am 
going to be writing checks to in the future will those who have "ologist" 
hung on the end of their title.
    I have a good tub and strong motor, and most of the parts (major&minor 
inventoried) for the car.  I would like to find someone interested in a good 
starter restoration, especially someone who loves Healeys.  

    Any help or information that you can give me about where or how I can 
spread the news on my adoption search would be greatly appreciated.

David Morrin
Dayton, Ohio

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