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1980 MGB LE Wiring question

Subject: 1980 MGB LE Wiring question
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 15:32:05 EDT
  On behalf of a friend and neighbor who is doing a magnificent
restoration of his car, I'm passing to the list some questions he has
been unable to answer from the manuals and from looking at another LE.
His request follows. If you can help, respond to me, I'll print it and
carry the copy over to him. 

 Need help in connecting wiring to ballast resistor (two terminals), coil
and factory-installed Lucas Electronic ignition.
1. Lucas electronic ignition module
    1 white wire ?
    1 white/black wire?
  The red and blue wire to distributor and ground wire are OK-no problem.

2. Wires in harness to coil and ballast resistor
  white/light green?  ( 2 wires, 1 terminal?)
  white-single wire?
  white/black  (2 wires, 1 terminal?)

3. Also in harness to coil and ballast resistor are the following wires,
but I don't belive they are used with electronic ignition:
  3 wire connector with:
    1 white wire
    1 white/blue with terminal on one end
    1 white/black

4. Question--where are the five wires in #1 and 2 connected?  On coil and
ballast resistor?   Elsewhere?


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