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Re: MGA and fuel tank problems

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Subject: Re: MGA and fuel tank problems
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 13:54:45 -0700
I have also heard this procedure recommended, but with loose-link chain 
rather than ball bearings as the scouring agent. The idea is that it is 
easy to remove the entire length of chain, but it might be hard to make 
sure you have removed the last ball bearing, piece of pea gravel, or 
whatever else you might have used.

Rocky Frisco had this to say:

>Barney Gaylord wrote:
>> The immediate proceedure is simple, cost is nil.  Disconnect the fuel line
>> between the tank and the pump, open the fuel filler cap and stand clear,
>> apply air pressure to the line attached to the tank.  This should blow any
>> obstruction clear of the line in the tank and allow fuel to flow once
>> again.  Then, if you've been really good and lead a charmed life, you may
>> get lucky and drive forever in bliss (but don't hold your breath).  It
>> helps to drive the car regularly so it will be flushing a lot of fuel
>> through the system over time and the crud should eventually be flushed out
>> and not accumulate in the tank in the future.
>> However, if the tank is really cruddy inside the fix may be only temporary
>> and the problem may reoccur (most likely).  If this be the case there is no
>> alternative except to remove the tank for cleaning.  Sorry.
>Last time I had this problem, it was a 1970 VW Transporter with a 6-cyl
>Corvair engine/trans. I removed the tank, added a jarful of old
>ball-bearings and shook the crap out of the tank to remove any scale
>present, etched it with muriatic acid, washed it out and dried it in the
>sun and then applied a liquid tank sealer I obtained from the local
>aircraft spares company. I used the kind that also is impervious to
>alcohol, since it's sometimes added to petrol in this local area. The
>liquid is poured in, all vents and openings sealed and then the tank is
>tumbled and shaken and turned over to coat the whole inside of the tank;
>then one of the openings is uncovered and the excess is poured out and
>saved. It did a perfect job; never had a fuel-flow problem with that
>vehicle again. The whole operation cost me less than US$50.
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