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Re: color of smog components

Subject: Re: color of smog components
From: ( (Paul Nelson)
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 19:59:32 -0700
Having had a couple of 67's and a 68, I would interject here that the early
and late 68's are quite different, with the early 68 basically a 67 in
Paul Nelson

>Not only the '69 model, but the '68 as well.  Actually, it was pretty
>minimal - no EGR, no CAT, no evaporative emission stuff.  Relatively
>minor changes to the carbs and distributor - pretty easy to revert to
>the pre-68 specs.
>Gordon Bird wrote:
>> > I can vouch for what Kelvin passed on, based on my car - a one-owner
>> > 1969 model.  When received new, every piece of the emission control
>> > equipment was painted in the engine color (maroon).  Even the rubber
>> > hoses and clamps.  I still have those original hoses and you can see
>> > remaining traces of the maroon paint.  The air pump was painted, the air
>> > pump air cleaner was painted, the gulp valve was painted, the sensing
>> > hose for the gulp valve was painted...well, you get my drift.
>> Bill, are you sure your 1969 had all of that emissions stuff?  Maybe I am
>> showing my ignorance but I didn't think air pumps and the like came until
>> much later.  I know all the Hemi's, Cuda's, Chevelles, Camaros, etc of that
>> era didn't have emissions equip.
>> Gordie Bird
>> '62 MGA
>> '86 4kcsq

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