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Re: color of smog components

To: <>
Subject: Re: color of smog components
From: "Neil Cotty" <>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 09:51:18 +1000

> "this engine is original and has not been repainted".  It clearly shows
> everything painted a maroon color, smog pump, clamps, hoses and gulp

Yep. On my 1 orig. owner, early (Feb) 70 BGT, all the smog gear was red, and
as another lister said, so were some of the hoses!!! Smog gear first
appeared on the Californian cars like mine as far as I'm aware, I guess the
lister that said he had it on his 69 was correct, I'm wondering if that was
an 18GJ motor like mine, ie a California only car... :)


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