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Re: Lancaster - Taste of Britain

Subject: Re: Lancaster - Taste of Britain
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 14:02:01 EDT
Hey ,,, I was there !!
             But as in I have no Hat, or Shirt with the MG List info on it, I 
was not seen apparently. I did see one car that had the MG List info on it's 
Show Card . Maybe this was your car . 
            And you were right in the fact that it was a great show, as it is 
every year. I also think they have an arrangement with GOD, as it never rains 
during their shows. So many cars, in so many states and degrees of condition. 
Some cars would make you drewl, and others would make say nice to see it 
still going.  But every car there was a winner as I heard that none where hit 
by the Polo Players. As list members go, I can't really say I saw any, but 
then, they never saw me either.  
            My car was the 1980 Tahiti Blue MGB V8 with the Florida tags on 
it. And I did see alot of familar faces and cars there.  Look for me at the 
Rocks, as I hope to make it and a few other shows if my job permits me before 
my return to the land of sun and hurricanes in November.

Jim Brucato
1980 MGB V8 ,,, fresh off the windy roads of PA, waiting for my next trip 
aside from the store.
1964 MGB ,,,,,, sleeping awaiting it's rebirth into the car is was built to B

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