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Re: Lancaster - Taste of Britain

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Subject: Re: Lancaster - Taste of Britain
From: Larry Macy <>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 15:01:26 -0400
Sorry I missed you - Next time 


At this exact moment in time 8/31/99 14:02, made the 
profound statement:

>Hey ,,, I was there !!
>             But as in I have no Hat, or Shirt with the MG List info on 
>it, I 
>was not seen apparently. I did see one car that had the MG List info on it's 
>Show Card . Maybe this was your car . 
>            And you were right in the fact that it was a great show, as it 
>every year. I also think they have an arrangement with GOD, as it never 
>during their shows. So many cars, in so many states and degrees of 
>Some cars would make you drewl, and others would make say nice to see it 
>still going.  But every car there was a winner as I heard that none where 
>by the Polo Players. As list members go, I can't really say I saw any, but 
>then, they never saw me either.  
>            My car was the 1980 Tahiti Blue MGB V8 with the Florida tags on 
>it. And I did see alot of familar faces and cars there.  Look for me at the 
>Rocks, as I hope to make it and a few other shows if my job permits me 
>my return to the land of sun and hurricanes in November.
>Jim Brucato
>1980 MGB V8 ,,, fresh off the windy roads of PA, waiting for my next trip 
>aside from the store.
>1964 MGB ,,,,,, sleeping awaiting it's rebirth into the car is was built to B

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