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breakdown service/help list

Subject: breakdown service/help list
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 12:51:13 EST
In the interest of avoiding inventing new products over old,  a benefit of 
NAMGBR membership is a national book of members who will help MG owners and a 
list of member-recommended shops. This is perhaps easier than trying to find 
room for a laptop and cell-modem in your Midget so you can boot-up onto the 
web list when you breakdown...?

From: "James H. Nazarian" <>

A few days ago I was completing the membership application to join the
BMW Motorcycle Owners of
America. One of the interesting features they offer to members is a
publication they call the BMW MOA
Anonymous book. The purpose of this publication is to offer members a
resource for a bit of help should a
breakdown occur while traveling. The information they publish includes
James H. Nazarian <>

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