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Re: Snug-Top help

Subject: Re: Snug-Top help
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Fri, 03 Dec 1999 13:40:42 -0500
Probably marginal, since it's not reinforced steel.

OTOH, it's a little more theft protection (can't be opened with a knife), a
little more sealed from the elements, and I have to say it's easier to look
through the rear window than the soft top.  The softtop has both the frame
in the way, and the not-as-clear plastic.

But that's mainly for periods (winter) when there wouldn't be much top-down
driving anyway.  Unfortunately the shell does not store in the trunk.

At 01:53 AM 12/3/99 EST, wrote:
>PS.  What kind of protection does a fiberglass top afford the driver without 
>a rollbar in the event of a roll-over?  Slim to none?

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