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RE: Snug-Top help

Subject: RE: Snug-Top help
From: "John A. Walker" <>
Date: Fri, 03 Dec 1999 11:49:29 -0800
My Snugtop is a little different than what you are describing Kelvin.
Mine has a single piece of soft seal (roundish cross section) that runs around
the back and up the sides to the doors.  The seal at the windshield header is
very similar to the seal used for a softtop header rail.  Than finally, the
have the "L" seal that you described.  I do not know if these are the stock
but they seem to work pretty well.
The brackets for the top are as follows:
Front (header) has latches that work similarly to the stock softtop latches
but they
look different (weird locking mechanism) and are of much lower quality 
construction than the softtop latches.  If the top in question is missing
the original 
latches, I would recommend trying to retrofit softtop latches or maybe
factory hard top
latches which I believe VB still sells.  The only other securing points for
a Snugtop
are at the half tonneau mounting brackets just behind the doors.  The top
has a steel 'L'
pieces attached to the inside of the top on either side just behind the
doors.  My top
came with two more steel 'L' pieces which screw into the half tonneau
brackets.  The two 'L'
pieces then bolt together on both sides.  There are no connections at the
rear softtop rail.
(I wish there was though).
If there is any thing else I can do to help or there is anything else on my
top that you 
would like me to look at for you, let me know.  If needed, I might be
persuaded to take some
pictures of your question areas with my digital camera and e-mail them to you.

Hope this helps.


At 11:09 AM 12/3/99 -0800, Dodd, Kelvin wrote:
>       The Snugtop used a long piece of soft seal that went all the way
>around the back, sides and front.  The seal was a very basic x-section, L
>shaped with the long leg about 2 inchs, and the short leg about 3/4".  At
>least that is what I recall.  I had a new seal kit that came with the
>hardtop on Dick Criswell's 80 LE MGB.  The seal looked very generic, Metro
>rubber may be your best bet if you can come up with a piece of undamaged
>seal.  The Snugtop seal was not the best design in the world, so it's
>possible to improve upon it.
>       I don't know if stock front hold downs will work on the Snugtop.
>The factory top hold downs look like cvt ones, only shorter to clear the

        John Walker
~= Early 1974 MGB =~
       In Progress :)

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