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Re: Door Mirrors

To: David Hill <>
Subject: Re: Door Mirrors
From: Linda Gaubert <>
Date: Sat, 04 Dec 1999 20:04:05 -0500

On my 73 GT, the leading edge of the mirror is exactly 7 inches from the
leading edge of the door.  Measured at the leading edge of the mirror,
it is 1 5/8 inches below the top edge of the door.  Hope this helps


David Hill wrote:
> Hello Listers,
> I just bought a pair of original style door mirrors for my GT. Snag is, it's
> never had them before. So, could someone please measure an original mirror's
> position up for me? Better yet, if several do it and the figures match up,
> the position must be as original.
> I reckon on these measurements as being reproducible....
> 1. Leading edge of doorskin to leading edge of mirror plinth.
> 2. Top edge of doorskin (where it meets the glass/frame) to top edge of
> mirror plinth.
> Thanks, I'll do the same for you one day.
> Dave Hill

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