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Re: Stax front and rear shock conversion

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Subject: Re: Stax front and rear shock conversion
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 08:51:12 -0000
I've got the ones with the adjuster screw on the back (standard at the
front).  When I first bought the car they were very hard indeed, adjusting
to the softest setting was OK.  Had to replace them and the new ones were
the same, several thousand miles on they seem to have softened up, such that
I could probably harden them a little without undue loss of comfort.


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Sent: Sunday, December 05, 1999 4:15 PM
Subject: Stax front and rear shock conversion

> Hi list, when I started my project 77B I thought performance was first on
> my list. I changed the standard shocks in rear and front for the tube
> conversion. I am not so sure I did a good thing for my car. Can anybody
> with the same configuration comment on the pros and cons? thanks, Enrique

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