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Oil Leak

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Subject: Oil Leak
From: (Gary R Hacker)
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1999 05:50:18 -0800
For the past month or so I have had an oil leak that seemed to originate
from the oil filter area.  I have a 75 MGB with the inverted oil
filter.  Hoping for a simple solution, I changed the oil line from the
block to the filter head, tightened the filter assembly to the block,
and even changed the oil filter (less than 500 miles on the last oil
change).  Still had oil collecting in the castle rail where it meets the
fire wall and oil underneath the oil filter assembly.  Looking in the
Moss catalogue, I saw that there was a rubber gasket that fits where the
filter assembly mounts to the block.  Got a new one from Moss and
yesterday attacked what I thought would be the solution to the leak.
Pulled the oil filter, oil line and filter assembly.  Aha!  No gasket
present.  Using a little non hardening gasket cement to hold the gasket
in place, carefully replacing filter assembly and bolting to block.
Pushed the car into the driveway to start it up and check for leaks.  I
started it up.  No oil pressure.  Shut it off and looked in engine
compartment and under car.  The Exxon Valdez has nothing on my MG.
Quickly pushed car back into garage and sent son for largest bag of
kiity litter available (Thanks for the tip Barney).  I have obviously
failed to do something right.  I thought I had the gasket properly
placed but I now have my doubts.  Anybody done this before?  Any and all
ideas and suggestions appreciated.

Bob Hacker
1975 MGB
Vancouver, Washington

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