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Re: New top for X-mas, 77B

To: Tom McLaughlin <>
Subject: Re: New top for X-mas, 77B
From: Steve Darby <>
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1999 10:55:07 -0700
I get tops OTHER then the Amco/Robbins/Prestige. It is made here in the
It it Double strength vinyl (42 oz) and thicker plastic windows. The
windows are sewn in rather than heat sealed. That does away with the
cracking in the window/vinyl joint. Zip-out window MGB $235.00+shipping
Steve Darby
Sports Cars Int'l
Albuquerque NM

Tom McLaughlin wrote:

> All,
> My new wife has hinted at buying me a new top for my
> B. Could you all make some recommendations of what
> brand to get?  I'd like to just get a vinyl top with
> all the snaps and lift-a-dot thingies installed
> already.  I'll install the header bar.  I've been
> looking at some advertised in MG World, Prestige.  Has
> anyone used them? Any suggestions or experiences on
> other brands.
> Tom
> 77B
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