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Re: Oil Leak

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Subject: Re: Oil Leak
From: "Harlan Jillson" <>
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 12:39:33 -0600
   Check in the groove that the gasket/rubber ring fits into.  On my '72 I 
found two of them installed, the bottom one of which was in several pieces (the 
groove is fairly deep, and its easy not to see the old gasket/ring when 
looking).  Cleaned all the old ones out with a scribe, installed new one, no 

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From: David Tulchinsky <>
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Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 12:52:05 -0500

>My, non-leaking 77B also seemed to be missing the gasket underneath
>the oil filter to engine block assembly.  I was going to replace it.
>Should I bother??
>>For the past month or so I have had an oil leak that seemed to originate
>>from the oil filter area.  I have a 75 MGB with the inverted oil
>>filter.  Hoping for a simple solution, I changed the oil line from the
>>block to the filter head, tightened the filter assembly to the block,
>>and even changed the oil filter (less than 500 miles on the last oil
>>change).  Still had oil collecting in the castle rail where it meets the
>>fire wall and oil underneath the oil filter assembly.  Looking in the
>>Moss catalogue, I saw that there was a rubber gasket that fits where the
>>filter assembly mounts to the block.  Got a new one from Moss and
>>yesterday attacked what I thought would be the solution to the leak.
>>Pulled the oil filter, oil line and filter assembly.  Aha!  No gasket
>>present.  Using a little non hardening gasket cement to hold the gasket
>>in place, carefully replacing filter assembly and bolting to block.
>>Pushed the car into the driveway to start it up and check for leaks.  I
>>started it up.  No oil pressure.  Shut it off and looked in engine
>>compartment and under car.  The Exxon Valdez has nothing on my MG.
>>Quickly pushed car back into garage and sent son for largest bag of
>>kiity litter available (Thanks for the tip Barney).  I have obviously
>>failed to do something right.  I thought I had the gasket properly
>>placed but I now have my doubts.  Anybody done this before?  Any and all
>>ideas and suggestions appreciated.
>>Bob Hacker
>>1975 MGB
>>Vancouver, Washington

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