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OIL LEAK - The "Fix"

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Subject: OIL LEAK - The "Fix"
From: (Gary R Hacker)
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 1999 05:52:44 -0800
Thanks again to all who replied with helpful suggestions.  I attacked
the problem again last night and found the old gasket, still in tact.
"She who must be obeyed" offered me the use of an old compact mirror and
armed with that and one of those dinky little eyeglass repair
screwdrivers, I had that sucker removed in about twenty minutes.  Got
everything cleaned up and ready for a new gasket and I think my problem
will be solved.  Old eyes, poor lighting and not being able to reference
a proper picture of the oil filter to block assembly, caused my
downfall.  And, maybe my B felt it was time to open new territory by
oiling  the driveway since the garage is, and will probably always be,
hers.  Thanks again!

Bob Hacker
1975 MGB
 Vancouver, Washington

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