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RE: Original MGB costs through the years...?

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Subject: RE: Original MGB costs through the years...?
From: "Gordon Bird" <>
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 09:16:49 -0500
I bought an '80 in May of '81, not LE, no A/C or OD for $8279 including 4%
MI sales tax from Bob Owens sales in Westland, MI.
BTW, I had to sell it in 89 to help purchase new home.  It had 42K miles on
it and I saw it just last summer with 64K miles on it and in exactly the
same condition as when I sold it.  New owner (now 4th) had my original
sticker, odometer statement and bill of sale.  Told him I wanted first right
of refusal should he decide to sell it!
A little more MG Magic I suppose.

Gordie Bird
62 MGA

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>Subject: Original MGB costs through the years...?
>Just wondering,
>What were the original sale prices for MGs during the year of their
>manufacturer (roughly), and how did they compare to other cars on the
>market?  Would they have been the modern day price equivalent of a Kia, a
>Miata, or a BMW Z3?
>Unfortunately, in 1980, the last year of manufacture, I think I was driving
>a '72 VW bug (another story in itself), and didn't quite have the
>wherewithal to contemplate buying a new MG, so I never really was cognizant
>of the prices.
>- Tab

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