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Re: Determining if car has O/D

Subject: Re: Determining if car has O/D
From: Florrie & Allen Bachelder <>
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 1999 20:20:58 -0400
' Think the metal dash cars had a switch on the dash.  "Pillow dash" cars
up through '76 had 'em on the WW stalk as Bob says.  ALL cars had the
switch regardless of whether or not they had O/D.  But, if you look at the
right side of the steering column shroud, you may see a decal right behind
the WW stalk indicating which way to move the lever for O/D.  If a car has
O/D but not the decal: (1) the decal has fallen off, or (2) O/D was added
after manufacture.  If it has the decal but no O/D: (1) somebody has used a
shroud from and O/D car, (2) it DOES have O/D which is not working, or (3)
the original O/D tranny has been replaced with a non-O/D one (but why...?!).


>From: Bob Hill <>
>Yes on the later B's the P/D switch was on the lever but on the earlier
>models, the O/D switch was incorporated ionto the windshied wiper stalk.My
>understanding is that you would pulled it towards you much like dimming
>the lights and that woudl engage/disengage the O/D.  Not sure if there
>were marking on it or not.  I figure somewhere on the car there must be
>something that woudl indicate a factory O/D car
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>On Tue, 7 Dec 1999, Tab Julius wrote:
>> According to my manual, the 78B has the switch on top of the gear shift
>> stalk, last I looked at the manual (I don't have a O/D myself).


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