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Re: Determining if car has O/D

Subject: Re: Determining if car has O/D
From: Florrie & Allen Bachelder <>
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 1999 20:26:35 -0400
' Think, for example, 18V672Z was non-o/d and 18V673Z was o/d, or
vise-versa.  But my '73 GT with o/d and with the decal has the wrong
engine, according to Moss.  Could be (1) the engine has been replaced, or
(2) it's the old "whatever's in the parts bin" mentality that actually
created our cars.


>From: "Craig Brownlee" <>
>Look in you Moss Catalog....  (you know those guys that rip us off by
>tons of free information)  They have a section in there that talks about
>numbers and how to read them.  There is a code that indicates whether a
>car had
>OD as it came from the factory.  I believe that I have seen that code
>in the Moss Catalog.
>Craig Brownlee
>1977 MGB
>1983 Jeep Wagoneer


Allen Bachelder
'73 B - "done"
'76 B - daily driver
'73 GT - awaiting front wings
'65 B shell - awaiting paint
'67 GT - awaiting everthing
'57 ZB - parts car or resto-candidate? - awaiting decision
'49 YT - in "progress"


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