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Re: Problem starting

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Subject: Re: Problem starting
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Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 10:27:07 -0000
'Respond', yes, but perhaps not in a desirable manner.  The Weber allong
with most (all?) fixed-jet carbs has an accellerator pump that chucks a
bucketful (OK, a small bucket) of neat fuel down the intake each time you
operate the pedal.  A linkage can usully be altered to vary the amount.  Too
much pumping and you may flood the engine so as it won't start.  In a car
with a twin-choke (both barrels operated in unison) I could stall the car
(an automatic) by tramping hard on the pedal then lifting off immediately -
the twin chokes chucked more fuel at the engine that it could handle at


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>   Would a car equipped with a Weber carburettor respond to
> pumping the gas while starting?

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