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Re: Magnette Mutilation

Subject: Re: Magnette Mutilation
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 23:31:49
But Jeff, I think the maximum speed limit in the United States is only 65
mph (except Montana).  Are you sure your speedo isn't off? 


At 11:21 PM 12/10/99 EST, wrote:
>Well as you know I just purchased a 58 Maggie and it has a 3Main MGB engine 
>in it along with a 3.90 rear end and it is great.  Runs like a champ, a lot 
>less noise and is enjoyable to drive.  The day I bought it I drove it 500 
>miles back home at 70 mph and not one problem.  (Other than running out of 
>gas due to both the gauge and the speedo/odometer being off by about 12% due 
>to the engine/rear end combo).
>Go for it.
>Best regards,
>Jeff Zorn
>Little British Car Co., Ltd.
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