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Re: Magnette Mutilation

Subject: Re: Magnette Mutilation
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 01:04:27 EST
Well I just went from Detroit to London Ontario in "Maggie" and the speed 
limit was 100  (klicks that is ;)))   Car ran great again at 70+ the whole 
way.  Just can't get enough heat out of the heater box (or at least as much 
as I would like).  Tonight leaving the Hoser Eh's Holiday party the windows 
were all frosted over and it took about 15 min. for the defroster to kick in.

Had the radio out yesterday and found that ventilator seems to only have the 
A and C position, not the B position and cannot figure out why it does not 
open the ventilator partly in the B position and close the flap behind the 
radio.  Any ideas anyone?


In a message dated 12/11/99 9:19:27 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< Here in Missouri, and across the state line in Kansas, the speed limit on 
 intestates is 70 mph.  I South Dakota, where I will be over Christmas, the
 interstate speed limit is 75 mph. >>

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