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Re: Battery Tiedown

Subject: Re: Battery Tiedown
From: Dave Quirt <>
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 18:16:30 -0600

Don't have much help for you concerning the tiedowns since I made my own
to fit. It's not hard to do. BTW, I put the single 12V in the
driver's-side bin and moved the fuel pump to the passenger's-side bin
for ease of service and piece of mind.

Dave Q.

> From Skye Poier: 
>Hello, As part of my quest to do AutoX next year, I need to secure my battery. 
>I am using a single group 26 battery in the passenger's side bin. Do any of 
>the securing things in the Moss catalog work with the single 12 volt?  Are 
>there any places to attach the "hooks" to in the bin in my 66 B or do I have 
>to drill something? <
> I would like to put the battery in one of those plastic tubs as well; I'm 
>guessing I'll have to make some holes in the bottom of the bin for the 
>securing device, in addition to a holes in the side for the battery leads. <

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