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Re: Battery Tiedown

Subject: Re: Battery Tiedown
From: Eric <>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 02:16:40 +0000
Max Heim wrote:
> >Skye,
> >
> >I use a bungie cord. ....
> I do, too (I just didn't want to admit it). But now that we're
> confessing...

I can promise you that this would not get past scrutineering :-)

The night before my first ever race I was panicking because I didn't
have the bettery (single 12v) tied down properly.  I had bought a
standard clamp arrangement but left it to the last minute to fit - as
you do.  It was now early hours of the morning and I could not quite see
how it would fit.

As it turned out, after I got the bits of wood that were packing the
battery in tight up until now (very professional job it was, too) I
found holes for the hooks already in the sides of the 'well'.  I was
preparing to drill these but a PO probably did it already ... unless
they are standard.  Check for yourself, you may be worrying about

The only problem was that the holes are half way up the walls which
means that the butterfly nuts would not tighten down all the way and the
threaded tops of the hooks stick up to far to fit the lid down.  I used
a judicious number of washers and hacksawed the tops down to size and
all was well.

Of course, the scrutineers never lifted the lid on the battery
compartment!  But I guess it was still the wise thing to do.


PS In fact, after six race events they STILL have never lifted the
battery compartment lid!

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