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Oil Pan Bolts

Subject: Oil Pan Bolts
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 07:56:50 -0800
I have started working on our new family member, our 68 MGB GT, and one
of the first steps is to keep a clean drive way. The front 3 bolts on the
oil pan defy all the tools in my possession and I am NOT going to pull
the engine to tighten them! Any suggestions? 
I have just joined the AMMB club, and think they have something to offer.
I did have a problem with my membership (some how I became a member of
the FireBird club) but they were very prompt on answering my E-Mail and
after I FAXED my confirmation, everything was taken care of. 
Also, their magazine (you can see back issues on line if you are a
member) has a good technical section, and you can buy several years of
just technical sections. They are a little pricey ( $40 for both sets)
but do have some good information. It is kind of like having 1 year of
this digest in print!!! I found some of the same subjects which have been
covered in recent digests, but not in the same detail (or of course

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